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Brake cable material should ensure that the gear teeth have sufficient strength and wear resistance
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Brake cable material should ensure that the gear teeth have satisfactory strength and wear resistance,so the sprocket tooth surface is generally heat-treated to make it reach a certain hardness.

If the Brake cable is adjusted too tightly,the countershaft bearings and needle rollers will be damaged, and the life of the rear wheel buffer body bearings will also be greatly extended.The emergence of this situation is important because after the chain is tightened,a large compulsive control moment will be formed between the countershaft and the rear wheel buffer body. Under the influence of this moment, the mission characteristics of the bearing will be destroyed. The surface is subject to greater force and is prone to heat and damage. In recent years, a lot of experimental research work has been done on the fatigue performance of chain sprocket at home and abroad, and it has undoubtedly played an important role in guiding product design and manufacturing. Even if it is not damaged, the gap will increase in a relatively short time. After the bearing gap is enlarged, the straightness of the countershaft will be destroyed, and the needle roller bearing will soon be damaged as a result. At this moment, the fault will be transferred from the chain gear to the initiator. It can be seen that it is very important to adjust the tightness of motorcycle stainless steel chain correctly and timely.

Brake cable

Brake cable

Brake cable's manufacturing materials and heat treatment process have a great impact on the load-bearing capacity and scale weight of the sprocket.

In the 50 years of the twentieth century, carbon steel was mostly used for sprocket, alloy steel was used in 60 years, and surface hardened steel was used in 70 years. According to the hardness, the tooth surface can be divided into two types: soft tooth surface and hard tooth surface. The sprocket with a soft tooth surface has a low load-bearing capacity, but it is simple to manufacture and has good running-in performance. It is mostly used in the same usual machines that have no severe restrictions on the transmission size and weight and small consumption. Since the small wheel has a heavier burden in the matched sprocket, in order to make the working life of the large and small sprocket roughly the same, the hardness of the small wheel tooth surface is the same and usually higher than that of the large wheel. Under the already fierce competition in domestic sprocket shopping malls, the entry of foreign companies into mainland China has intensified the competition. Therefore, in recent years, many domestic companies have settled in domestic shopping malls to open up the key points of international shopping malls.

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